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Counseling Programs at Grand Canyon University are unified in their effort to educate and train students to become Professional Counselors and Counselor Educators. The endeavor, spearheaded by The College for Doctoral Studies and The College of Humanities and Social Sciences are concerned with: the continued development and evolution of counseling programs housed in the various colleges; for students in their admission, matriculation and graduation from those varied programs; and those faculty in their development as counselor educators, research presenters and advanced clinical practitioners.   


CHSS Academic Unit:

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) counseling academic unit consists of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) and School Counseling (SC) programs and articulates its purpose through mission statements, program objectives, and goals that focus on best practices to equip counselors in training as change agents in a global society. 

Counseling Academic Unit Mission Statement (CMHC & SC):

The mission of the counseling academic unit is to prepare counselors-in-training with the knowledge, skills, and dispositional values to become competent global counselors and leaders.

Academic Unit Leadership:


Dr. Anna Edgeston

Academic Unit Leader and Director of CMHC and SC. 

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Degree Program

Kimberly 2021 (3).jpg

Dr. Kimberly Grigg 

SC Program Chair

School Counseling Degree Program

Brent Bailey

Program Manager, Practicum/Internship Coordinator

Coplan_Headshot (2).jpg

Michael Coplan

Faculty Chair

Dr. Kimberly McCann 

Faculty Chair

CDS Unit

The College of Doctoral Studies (CDS) counseling academic unit currently consists of the Counselor Education and Supervision program. It is our desire that you leave this program and become global citizens, critical thinkers, effective communicators and responsible leaders fully equipped to make a profound difference in the lives and communities in which you work.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Counselor Education and Supervision Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program aims to prepare current counselors to become counselor educators, advanced practitioners, and counseling supervisors.  Grand Canyon University’s program offers students a rigorous curriculum designed to strengthen their counseling knowledge and skills through didactic and experiential training in research, scholarship, leadership and advocacy in and out of the classroom. To facilitate these outcomes, faculty and students engage in learning experiences that support them in developing:

  1. Collaborative relationships with faculty and other professionals in the field of counseling that will enhance their expertise in an area or areas of professional identity and functioning
  2. Knowledge and skills in designing, conducting and reporting on research and scholarship that makes a significant impact on the field and the lives of others
  3. Leadership skills in counselor education, supervision, advanced clinical practice, research and scholarship, and social justice action
noname_1615851522025Dr. Mustafa Moyenda
CES Academic Leader

Dr. Kimberly McCann 

Faculty Chair

 PhD-CES Qualitative degree program

PhD-CES Quantitative degree program

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The purpose of this document is to provide easy access to resources across the country for counselors and counseling. It is organized by state and divided according to regions identified within the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES) and American Counseling Association (ACA). Use the link below to access the document for website links and resources to support you and your work.

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